Dr Roberto Suárez Candel

Co-founder & Managing Director

  • I spent eight years helping media organizations around the world improve their strategy, advocacy, research and impact measurement.
  • I am driven by problem solving and effective action. I want people with great ideas to succeed.
  • I love delivering engaging presentations that inspire people to take action.
  • Give me a mass of complex information and I will restructure it so anyone can understand.

Dr David Fernández Quijada

Co-founder & Research Director

  • I led media sector research for 15 years, including eight years as manager and analyst of the Media Intelligence Service of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).
  • I am passionate about trends and the future, with the ability to imagine uncommon scenarios.
  • My deep academic experience and knowledge of cutting-edge research will bring value to your organization.
  • I can deliver research insights to open minds and galvanize action.

We aim to empower organizations to reach their highest potential and make a meaningful contribution to the world



We deliver quality and value through our international perspective, research expertise and personal engagement.

Dare to thrive

We use our creativity to design transformative experiences and ignite our clients’ ambition, so they challenge their status quo and do the unexpected to succeed.


We get the job done and focus on delivering tangible and practical solutions that make a difference.

Looking at your
problems from the
usual perspective will
not bring any solution.

Spot the South
to find your North.

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